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Joke Topic - 'Art Class'

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What do mosquitoes learn in art class?
How to draw blood.

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What do you call a lifeguard with no legs?


Mary: I hear that you have a model husband?
Joan: It's true he really is a model husband - unfortunately he's not a working model.


Waiter to customer: "I know your steak is frozen. I told you it would melt in your mouth, didn't I?"


I left my last job because I was told to do something I didn't like.
Really! What was that?
The boss told me to look for another job.


The first thing a child learns when he gets a drum is that he'll never get another one.


Did you hear about the guy who plugged his electric blanket into the toaster?
He was popping out of bed all night.

Count Dracula

Why did Count Dracula want to become an actor?
He said it was in his blood.


What is bright orange and sounds like a parrot?
A carrot.


What is at the back of a bee?
It's bee-hind.

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