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Joke Topic - 'Alumini'

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Old School Pillars are Replaced by Alumni

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What's green, has four legs and two trunks?
Two seasick tourists.


What gets wet while it dries?
A towel.

To Err

To err is human to forgive, beyond the scope of the Operating System.


Patient: I have a splinter in my finger.
Doctor: Well, that's what you get for scratching your head.


What do you call a parrot when it has dried itself after taking a bath?
Polly unsaturated.


Why did the lawyer cross the road?
To get to the car accident on the other side.


Which creature helps save people who are drowning in the sea?
The Ghostguard.


Why could you say that a fish and chip shop is like a cricket team?
Because they both need a good batter.


What type of fish only comes out at night?
A starfish.

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