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Joke Topic - 'A Voice'

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What do you call a boy who can make a voice sound louder?

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Why is it that many lawyers have broken noses?
From chasing parked ambulances.


What do you call a ghost who only haunts the Town Hall?
The nightmayor.


Why do chickens like to chat so much?
Because talk is cheep.


Why is a ghost like a cold breeze?
Because it makes people shiver.


I went to high school so long that the other students brought me apples . . . they thought I was the teacher.


Primary maths pupil's answer to question, `take 9 from 246 as many times as possible': `I did it fifty times and I always got 237.'


What do you call a man who likes to go fishing every weekend?

Credit Cards

Diner: Waiter, can you put this meal on my credit card?
Waiter: Sorry, sir. But I don't think it'll fit.


What do you call a glove for a baby cat?
A kitten mitten.

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