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Joke Topic - 'A Nice Personality'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'A Nice Personality'.


Mary: My boyfriend has a very nice personality.
Jane: My boyfriend's not very handsome either.

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We call our boss caterpillar.
He got where he is by crawling.

Golf Balls

Why is it so hard to drive golf balls?
They don't have steering wheels!

Let Me In

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Ken who?
Ken you let me in now?


Q: Why are elephants large, grey and wrinkled?
A: Because if they were small, white and smooth they'd be asprins.


A herd of highland cows are standing in a field in Scotland.
Which one is on holiday?
The one with the wee calf.


Doctor: The best time to take a bath is just before you retire.
Patient: You mean I don't need to take another bath until I'm sixty-five?


A sign in the window of a restaurant: "Eat now - Pay waiter."


24 hours in a day...24 beers in a case...coincidence?


I'm so overweight I tried dieting - but the only thing I lost was my temper!

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