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Joke Topic - 'A Hill'

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What is the difference between a hill and a pill?
A hill is hard to get up and a pill is hard to get down.

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What is the difference between a cellphone and a wife?
The cellphone has a silent mode.


Why was the cannibal expelled from school?
Because he kept buttering up the teacher.


Patient: Doctor, doctor I keep thinking that I can see into the future.
Doctor: And when did this happen?
Patient: Next Wednesday.


Shock me, say something intelligent.


I don't like my dentist - he's a real bore.


New study of obesity looks for larger test group


John: My wife drives me to drink.
Henry: You're lucky. I have to walk.


l thought I might become a history teacher when I grew up, but then I realized there was no future in it.


Where does a woodsman keep his pigs?
In a hog cabin.

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