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Joke Topic - 'A Big Mouth'

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What has a big mouth, but is unable to talk?
A glass jar.

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It's your right to be stupid, but it doesn't mean you need to be!


Maid: Your husband's locked up for the night, ma'am.
Mistress: Fine, but I didn't hear him come in.
Maid: He didn't. The police just phoned.


What do you call a parrot when it has dried itself after taking a bath?
Polly unsaturated.


Why are goats fun to have at your party?
They are always kidding around.


What do you call a deer with no eyes?
No idea.


Why do elephants have big ears?
Because Noddy won't pay the ransom.


Why a man would want to marry one wife is a mystery.
Marrying two is a bigamystery.


Waiter, waiter, do they ever change the tablecloths in thls restaurant?
I don't know, sir. I've only been here a year.


Support bacteria - It's the only culture some people have!

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